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Auto Finance for Bad Credit
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Auto Finance For Bad Credit Car Buyers

The size of your auto finance loan is dependant on several factors, such as:

  • Consumer's credit history
  • The age of the vehicle being financed
  • The auto finance lender
  • Whether or not there is a co-signer

Car Dealer Finance for Bad Credit Car Buyers

Needing car dealer finance for bad credit is a common issue among many consumers. Auto repossessions, bankruptcy, late payments, and more can often be overlooked with some special finance banks. Many people with bad credit have successfully gotten auto financing at competitive rates.

Auto finance rates offered by special finance banks are generally not the same as rates available to good credit customers. These rates will be some degree higher than conventional lending banks offer.

Auto Financing Down Payments

Down payments are recommended and often required, but may not be necessary in all cases. Depending on the auto financing lender's policy, and how much of an equitable situation you are putting them in, you may or may not have to make a down payment. It is usually good to make a down payment, since it will reduce some of the risk for the lending organization, and therefore raise your standing with them.

Arranging Auto Financing

We have many car dealer financing options in place that are set up with a variety of sub prime lenders. Depending on the borrower's requirements, each lender has their little perks as well. If a customer has bad credit, it is best to take what you can get.

Are Online Auto Applications Secure?

Yes! We have taken the greatest care to ensure that no misuse of your personal information takes place. We use top-level internet security to protect our web forms that may contain your sensitive data.

What is Auto Loan Refinancing?

Auto loan refinancing is reconfiguring your current auto financing. In essence, you are paying off your old car loan with a new car loan that better suits what you are trying to accomplish. Most people refinance to save money month-to-month, or to lower their interest rate, thus saving money over the long run.

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